Walka Miniature Railway


“We like being rail-roaded at Walka”

Welcome to Walka Miniature Railway

Operated by;

Walka Model Engineering Society of Maitland Inc.

Running Times;

Each Sunday 11.00 am to approx. 3.00 pm

Other Times by Arrangement

Our trains carry passengers on a 1.8 km track alongside Walka Waterworks Lake

Walka Waterworks is at Maitland NSW Australia



Passengers are requested to wear enclosed footwear when riding on the miniature railway and in the working areas. Feet must remain on the cars and passengers are to stay seated until directed to leave the train.

Passengers are warned that locomotives do emit fumes and smoke (particularly Steam Engines) and by riding or being near the trains, patrons accept this hazard as their own responsibility.


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