Walka Miniature Railway

Our Trains

The Society now has three locomotives and numerous carriages. Together with additional privately owned locos, we can operate with the multiple trains at various times which make interesting co-ordination of train operations and control. Safety is always our first consideration.                


Our original loco is an 82 class loco, driven by a Diahatsu 3 cylinder engine and is now designated 8213 (see above) since it had a full overhaul and repaint. It normally hauls four fully loaded carriages but has at times hauled more. The WMR has some steep grades which test many locomotives and make interesting operations. Recently fitted with new wheels, it is now back in service.

No.1207. “Christine” is another loco owned by the society a great addition to our fleet. It has been the subject to extensive refurbishment of late but is now back in regular service. This loco is driven by a Datsun 120Y 4 cylinder engine through an automatic transmission.

“The Beast”

Our Largest and most powerful locomotive DL01, nicknamed the “Beast”, (due to it’s size), It is  powered by a  rare 167 Holden engine and a hydraulic drive system.  It  provides us with the capability to haul large groups of passengers with ease. Previously designated CR21 it has been renumbered in order to reflect its class more correctly as shown by the photo below of DL45  in National Rail livery of Orange and Grey. .




Photo by Rodney Smith 2004






The latest addition to the fleet is this  beautiful little 0-6-0 shunter, 7001.(Nick-named “Woody”. Powered by a Honda 6.5HP engine it has proven to be a capable locomotive and adds a new dimension to our fleet. It comes with a riding car and 3 carriages.

Member owned trains.

We are fortunate to have we have the back-up of privately owned trains that ensure a variety of locomotives are available on most running days. Below are some of these  locomotives owned by Society members.  They provide added excitement to the busy operations  for  our visitors to enjoy.

Damian’s Steamer was green when it arrived but after much restoration it changed to black.

Damian Black steamer


JumbuckJohn Hatton’s 0-4-0 Jumbuck  is a real favourite with the kids. It is powered by batteries driving two 450 Watt motors and normally pulls two carriages.

John Hatton’s “Suzie” has proved popular during its outings

Ray's Blue Goose

Ray Ingram’s “Blue Goose” is an interesting fun loco.

Damian's 2-8-2 Steamer

Damian’s 2-8-2 Steamer, has also undergone extensive upgrading. It’s a beautiful locomotive.



John Hatton’s beautiful little steamer “Suzie”, is a popular attraction which operates frequently on regular operating days.