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Our railway will be operating on Sunday of Steamfest. 15th April 2018. Unfortunately, steam locomotives are not expected to be running however we have up to 3-4 other locomotives which will be running hauling passengers along our track. Ride are still just $3 pp for a trip of around 20 minutes. The scenery is free!

  Be aware, we now operate on the 1st and 3rd Sundays each month. (weather permitting)

The Beast

Our large loco, CR21,is now re-numbered DL01 to more correctly identify with the locomotive class.(see DL47 below).





DL  No.47 in Orange and Grey livery of National Rail. Photo by Rodney Smith 2004


Walka railway currently has five steam engines which will run often in suitable weather. Steam engines require lengthy preparation in order to raise steam prior to operation and it is up to the owners to decide when they run these locos.

Damian's 2-8-2 Steamer

Damian’s 2-8-2 Steamer


Volunteers are invited to become part of the organisation to help us provide this very popular attraction in Maitland. Please come out to Walka on the 1st or 3rd Sunday of the month and discuss joining the society.  Our president can be contacted on 0450 833 660 for further information. Our fleet is certainly growing and we need extra people to help us run the railway, so if you  love trains as we do, then contact us (See “Contacts” on this site or phone) or talk to us on site, about becoming a member. We would love to have some ladies involved as well as guys. We don’t discriminate. Some conditions apply. Junior members aged 15 to 17 are welcome with written parental consent.


Maintenance Our Largest loco, Now DL01, Has undergone extensive maintenance and is now ready to return to full operation and can be seen hauling large loads regularly.

Loco 8213 has been fitted with large wheels to improve its reliability and operational capabilities and it too is now back in full service so together with 1207 “Christine” we are ready for the summer months with all three club locos in operation.

The Track Track maintenance work is receiving attention following the return to service of our locos and the emphasis is on improving the alignment and eliminating areas which are in need of attention.

Carriage Storage




A raised carriage storage rack has recently been added to the train  shed. It features a removable ramp and allows the four carriage set to be moved as a unit onto the upper rack The parking of the upper carriage set does not interfere with access to the carriages below which can be moved in and out at will.











A maintenance area has been concreted inside our train shed and a gantry will be completed shortly which will enable the lifting of locomotives  making maintenance on bogies and brakes easier and safer.

Last edited 3/03/18