Walka Miniature Railway


Walka Railway News: 

CHANGED  RUNNING DAY!!   The Railway will be running on September 30th During the Long Weekend. The change is due to the running of the Maitland Ultra Marathon being run on the 7th October at the Waterworks venue.

  Be aware, we now operate on the 1st and 3rd Sundays each month. (weather permitting)

Change of Address. All correspondence should be addressed to:-

The Secretary, 65 Wentworth Street, Telarah NSW 2320, Australia ____________________________________________________

Mrs Bea Brien celebrates her 103rd Birthday as the first to ride the new easy access guard’s seat recently added to our rolling stock. Pictured here with son Ian and Great Grandson Lockie (seated behind).

Our Loco 1207 Has been out of service for some time while having a complete rebuild of the bogies. The delay has been in waiting on parts to be manufactured and the parts are now sourced. We expect to have it back in  service within the next month which is great for those who enjoy it.


This fine locomotive 7001, has been  acquired  by the Society in a partnership deal. It comes with a driver’s wagon and three carriages.It is expected to be in regular service after a few minor alterations  are made to suit our operations.

The Beast DL01







Our large loco, CR21,is now re-numbered DL01 to more correctly identify with the locomotive class.(see DL47 below).





DL  No.47 in Orange and Grey livery of National Rail. Photo by Rodney Smith 2004


Walka railway currently has five steam engines which will run often in suitable weather. Steam engines require lengthy preparation in order to raise steam prior to operation and it is up to the owners to decide when they run these locos.

Damian's 2-8-2 Steamer

Damian’s 2-8-2 Steamer


Volunteers are invited to become part of the organisation to help us provide this very popular attraction in Maitland. Please come out to Walka on the 1st or 3rd Sunday of the month and discuss joining the society.  Our president can be contacted on 0450 833 660 for further information. Our fleet is certainly growing and we need extra people to help us run the railway, so if you  love trains as we do, then contact us (See “Contacts” on this site or phone) or talk to us on site, about becoming a member. We would love to have some ladies involved as well as guys. We don’t discriminate. Some conditions apply. Junior members aged 15 to 17 are welcome with written parental consent.

Locomotives Maintenance Under our maintenance program some problems have been recognized with loco 1207 requiring overhaul of the bogies which means it will be out of service for some weeks while these issues are dealt with. Additionally, 8213 is progressively having a few minor maintenance items attended to while it still remains in service.

Maintenance A retaining wall has been  constructed near the “Hillside Loop” which is intended to improve the safety of the line at a steep embankment . The track is being re-aligned near “Reedy Creek” to improve the ride. This is an ongoing process.

The Track The track is being re-aligned near “Reedy Point” to improve the ride. This is an ongoing process and one which take considerable time from the volunteers. Concrete sleepers are manufactured on site and are progressively replacing old wooden ones that have deteriorated over time. This process is designed to reduce maintenance in the future.

Carriage Storage




A raised carriage storage rack allows us to park a full set of four carriages above another set.  It features a removable ramp and allows the carriage set to be moved as a unit onto the upper rack This still permits the lower set  to be moved in and out at will.












A maintenance area has been concreted inside our train shed and the  gantry completed.This has proven to be a safer addition when lifting  locomotives  for maintenance on bogies and associated equipment.

Last edited 4/09/18